Optical Mirror Mounts

Gimbal Optical Mirror Mounts

ANTARES – Gimbal Mirror Mount for large optics to specific customer requirements.

Gimbal Mirror Mounts 

When precision and control are of the utmost importance, Gimbal Mirror Mounts are a stand-out ingenious tool. Enabling the manipulation of light with the highest level of accuracy. Gimbal mirror mounts are versatile devices, and very essential, especially in photonics. 

What are Gimbal Mirror Mounts? 

Gimbal mirror mounts are mechanical assemblies, designed to support and precisely orient mirrors and other optical components. What sets them apart is they have a two-axis rotation mechanism, allowing for independent adjustment of pitch and yaw angles. The flexibility of these optical mounts means users can finely tune the direction of reflected light with the highest level of precision. Gimbal mirror mounts are indispensable in optical setups and physics experiments.

Kinematic Optical Mirror Mounts

STAR Series – Kinematic Mirror Mounts for non-critical alignments as well as for high precision OEM applications.

PLANET Series – Kinematic Mirror Mounts with adjusters with extra high adjustment option.

ASTEROID Series – Kinematic Mirror Mounts for non-critical alignments as well as for high precision OEM applications, manufactured in stainless steel to compensate for thermal expansion and to reduce wear.  In addition, a locking system is available for the fine-thread screws.

Kinematic Mirror Mounts 

Precision, stability and accuracy are guaranteed when using Kinematic mirror mounts in optical experiments. These scientific devices are a reliable means of securely positioning mirrors and optical components. Our kinematic mirror mounts act as a vital piece of equipment in a wide range of applications. 

What are Kinematic Mirror Mounts? 

Kinematic mirror mounts are engineered assemblies designed to securely hold mirrors and other optical components in place while allowing for precise alignment and adjustments. A kinematic design utilises both carefully crafted features and flexures to achieve consistently stable positioning. 

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