Reference Spectroscopic Cells

Photonics Technologies offers high-quality reference spectroscopic cells. Available with a wide selection of high-purity atomic, and molecular fillings and buffer gases. Each has a specific absorption spectrum.

These reference spectroscopic cells are used in spectroscopic analysis for various applications. Such as tunable diode laser, wavelength meter calibration, and laser frequency stabilisation.

The reference spectroscopic cells can be made from Pyrex or Quartz. They are available in the following materials and configurations:

  • Borosilicate with flat windows attached parallel or angled
  • Quartz with flat, high-quality fused silica windows attached parallel or angled
  • Quartz with wedged, high-quality fused silica windows attached parallel or angled
  • Quartz with flat, anti-reflective (AR) coated high-quality fused silica windows attached parallel or angled

The purity level of the natural elements, used in manufacturing all wavelength reference spectroscopic cells, is greater than 99%. It is distilled to an even higher purity level during the filling process.

All spectroscopic cells are helium leak checked and baked under vacuum to the 10-8 Torr range. This is done for a minimum of 24 hours, before they are filled with the selected element.

Vapour Reference Spectroscopic Cells

The vapour reference cells can contain natural: Rubidium (Rb), Rubidium Isotope 85 or 87, Caesium (Cs), Potassium (K), Sodium (Na), Iodine (I), and Water.

Our vapour reference cells can also be provided with a buffer gas of Helium, Xenon, Argon, Nitrogen, or Neon gases, at a pressure of your specification.

Gas Reference Spectroscopic Cells

The gas reference cells can contain Acetylene (Isotopes 12 and 13), Krypton, Hydrogen Cyanide (Isotopes 12 and 13), Carbon Monoxide (Isotopes 12 and 13), and Methane.

Hazardous goods regulations

The Photonics Technologies reference spectroscopic cells are subject to hazardous goods regulations. They must be shipped separately, using specifically regulated shipping methods, that require special shipping and handling charges.

Please note, that next-day delivery is not available, and the good cannot be returned.

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