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Lasers are necessary to complete physics experiments in undergraduate labs, as part of a student’s course curriculum. However, advanced lasers which are used in undergraduate labs require special settings. They also do not allow for the change of wavelengths, without re-setting the experiments set up.

It’s also important to consider that lasers can be quite hazardous to use, in undergraduate labs. To address this issue, our HEXA-BEAM Laser has been developed to assist both lab technicians and students. This laser allows for an efficient setup for physics experiments.

The HEXA-BEAM Laser means physics experiments can be conducted at six different wavelengths. Without the need to reset or re-align the laser apparatus. Saving time, and therefore a large number of physics experiments can take place with a single light source.


Health and Safety

The HEXA-BEAM Laser complies with the Health & Safety regulations for undergraduate labs. Having emission powers of standard wavelengths under 1 mW. Plus, meeting Class 2 specifications thus minimising potential health hazards. This makes the Photonics Technologies HEXA-BEAM Laser the perfect choice for undergraduate lab experiments.



The lasers for an undergraduate lab need to be flexible in their usability:

  • The HEXA-BEAM Laser is compatible with the standard 30 mm cage systems allowing physics experiments to be built directly in front of the device
  • The HEXA-BEAM Laser can be placed on optical tables, mounted on posts, clamped onto the table, or used free-standing

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