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For many physics students who are completing their undergraduate studies in Universities in the UK, experiments are an important part of their learning. In order to carry out these physics experiments, lasers are commonly used, and many of these experiments are a requirement in order to complete the course curriculum.

At Photonics Technologies, we understand that experiments that are completed by undergraduates need to include the usage of advanced lasers. With these experiments, special settings are required. However, many lasers do not allow for the easy change of wavelengths, without re-setting the experiments set up.

It’s also important to consider and recognise that lasers can be hazardous when using them in experiments…

To address this issue, the Photonics Technologies HEXA-BEAM laser has been developed. We have designed this physics laser to assist both lab technicians and students alike. This advanced laser allows for an efficient setup for physics experiments.

The HEXA-BEAM Laser means physics experiments can be conducted at six different wavelengths. This is changed with a single turn of a knob, meaning there is no need to reset or re-align the laser apparatus. While ensuring that other critical variables remain the same.

This will allow you to save time, and complete a large number of physics experiments with a single light source.

Health and Safety

The HEXA-BEAM Laser complies with the Health & Safety regulations for undergraduate labs.

  • By having emission powers of standard wavelengths under 1 mW.
  • Plus, meeting Class 2 specifications thus minimising potential health hazards.

This makes the Photonics Technologies HEXA-BEAM Laser the perfect choice for undergraduate lab experiments.


The lasers for an undergraduate lab need to be flexible in their usability:

  • The HEXA-BEAM Laser is compatible with the standard 30 mm cage systems allowing physics experiments to be built directly in front of the device
  • The HEXA-BEAM Laser can be placed on optical tables, mounted on posts, clamped onto the table, or used free-standing

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