Lasers for Undergraduate Labs HEXA-BEAM Laser

The Hexa-Beam Laser is designed to switch between up to six different wavelengths without the need to realign the equipment.  This is done by rotating one single knob.


This allows for an experiment to be conducted at different wavelengths, whilst ensuring that other critical variables remain controlled.  The different wavelengths are emitted along the same optical path and are vertically polarised.

The HEXA-BEAM Laser contains as standard the 405nm, 520nm and 650nm modules.  Up to a total of six wavelengths can be included upon request.


The ease of set up and use makes the Hexa-Beam Laser a fantastic tool for a number of physics experiments.  We have conducted experiments and developed lab scripts that will be provided for use to lab technicians and students in the labs together with the Hexa-Beam Laser:

Biot’s Optical Rotation Experiment (also known as Biot’s sugar experiment)In this simple experiment, one can learn about the physics of light scattering, polarization, chiral chemistry and fluorescence. This experiment has been demonstrated by Durham University in detail – link to detailed experiment description.
Rotation of the Plane of PolarisationSugar solution was used to rotate the plane of polarisation of linearly polarised light dependent on the wavelength.
The Faraday EffectThis experiment describes the rotation of the plane of polarisation of linearly polarised light due to the presence of a magnetic field. As well as our lab script, this experiment has been conducted with Durham University and their description can be seen here.
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ClassificationClass 2
Output Power<1 mW
Beam Diameter (1/e2) 2mm
Dimensions 150 x 70 x 87
Power Supply 6 V DC (supplied)

Demonstrating laws of physics such as:

  • Poisson spot (Fresnel bright spot) experiment (showing that light behaves as a wave)
  • Malus’s law
  • The law of refraction, measuring refractive indices at different wavelengths of different materials, producing diffraction patterns
  • Determining the emission wavelength using a simple grating
  • Demonstrating Mie and Rayleigh scatterings
  • Demonstrating chirality of molecules


Up to six laser modules can be included in the new HEXA-BEAM Laser, allowing the selection of different wavelengths by simply turning the easily operational knob.  The different wavelengths are emitted along the same optical path and are vertically polarised.

Wavelength OptionsWavelengths (nm)
Additional optional visible wavelengths445532635685
Optional IR wavelengths
> 700 nm for Class 3R specification


To be agreed on order.

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