Laser Stabilisation

Is your laser stable enough?

In a physics lab, it is of the utmost importance that your laser beam points exactly where it should. Ensuring that your laser is stable requires specialised equipment. This equipment will ensure a controlled laser beam by providing a continuous feedback loop.


At Photonics Technologies we offer a range of high-quality products in the field of Laser Beam Stabilisation Electronics.

For Laser Beam Position Stabilisation we offer:

  • The Aligna – a fully automated high-precision beam alignment system
  • The FiberLock – for an automatic single-mode fiber coupling

For Laser Beam Frequency Stabilisation we offer:

  • The LaseLock Digital – this system allows the stabilisation of tunable diode lasers

For Laser Beam Power Stabilisation we offer:

  • The Laser Power Controller ( LPC) – for an automated regulation and control for virtually any CW (Continuous Wavelength) or mode-locked laser

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