Photonics Technologies provides products  for the research physicist in the following areas:

Ultracold Atom Systems:

With the new partnership with ColdQuanta, Photonics Technologies can now offer customers the latest products in the Quantuim Technologies field to create cold and ultracold  matter.  The ColdQuanta new Portable Ultracold Atom Lab consists of an ultra-high vacuum cell, complete physics package and all the required electronics, lasers, optics, and imaging equipment to create and image Bose-Einstein condensate and forms of ultracold atoms.

Modulation and detection:

Photonics Technologies is able to supply a variety of  Electro-Optical Modulation (EOM) systems for electronically controlled phase and amplitude control of laser light including: Laser Power Controllers, Phase Modulators, Electro-Optic Amplifiers and Signal Generators.

In addition, Photonics Technologies offers a new range of fully stand-alone laser stabilisation electronics.

Beam control:

Obtaining repeatable and accurate results from your experiment requires precise control of the laser beam. Both the power and the positional stability of the beam are parameters of key importance.  Photonics Technologies can help you gain control of the laser beam with our laser power stabilisers and extremely stable opto-mechanics.

Beam analysis:

Achieving precise control of your laser beam for your experiment requires knowledge of the laser beams characteristics. Parameters such as wavelength, beam profile, position, power, and longitudinal mode structure can have a big effect on your application.  Whether you need to analyse your beam properties to optimise an experiment or to control quality in a laser production environment, Photonics Technologies have a comprehensive range of equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Spectroscopic cells:

Photonics Technologies offers a range of quality spectroscopy cells available with a wide selection of high purity atomic and molecular fillings and buffer gases.