At Photonics Technologies, we are dedicated to lasers and scientific laser application, as well as to high-precision opto-mechanics.  We work with laser and optical scientists, and researchers, who are applying laser technology in their field of study, providing our most innovative solutions and advising our customers on our range of opto-mechanics, and custom-built solutions for their specific needs.

Optical Mirror Mounts

Our Optical Mirror Mounts provide an integral part of any laser technology used by optical scientists and researchers.  They are ideal for beam delivery for any experiment utilising free space laser paths.

Type, configuration, and design colours

Our Kinematic and Gimbal Optical Mirror Mounts have a wide range of features and characteristics to meet the various client specification needs.

  • The Kinematic Mirror Mounts can be configured with different elements such as the type of front and back plate (open or closed back plate, left-hand or right-hand version), the number of adjusters, and even one of 12 different colours to facilitate the identification of beam paths!
  • The Gimbal Mirror Mounts are used for large optics, typically for beam steering in compression chambers of ultrahigh power laser systems.  They can be configured with an adjustment by 170 TPI fine thread screws and are available with a piezo drive.
Stability and performance

The Optical Mirror Mounts are manufactured to exceptionally fine tolerances and provide a new benchmark for stability and precision.  The adjusting screws are designed with a standard thread pitch of 170 TPI.  Each 170 TPI adjuster is fitted with knurled head with an additional hexagon socket. There are high stable variants for alignment critical applications.


Our Optical Mirror Mounts are constructed from specially treated materials in order to prevent movements due to mechanical stress and changing temperatures. There is a choice of thicknesses of the Opto-Mechanics front and back plates offering value for money and ultimate stability. Together with either 2 or 4 powerful springs, these kinematic Optical Mirror Mounts deliver exceptional performance and long-term stability.

The fine thread adjusters have a thread pitch of 0.15 mm, corresponding to an international standard of 170 TPI compared to 80TPI or at best 100 TPI from other manufacturers.  The screws are manufactured in brass, stainless steel, or titanium.

Remote Control

Our Optical Mirror Mounts can be controlled remotely providing the ultimate stability for the most sensitive laser system setups.  The control is based on a linear screw-type actuator with a piezo motor.

Custom-built Opto-Mechanics

We can offer specific opto-mechanic solutions to meet exact customer requirements.  Some of the custom-made accessories include:

  • High-resolution 5-axis laser table
  • Easy and exact alignment
  • Diode laser modules up to 100 kg
  • Breadboard e.g. 800 mm x 400 mm
  • Stainless steel linear translation stages

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