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From optical mirror mounts, electro-optic modulators, and frequency generators to opto-mechanical equipment for your physics experiments, as well as a range of complementary spectroscopic cells.
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We have a wide range of Optical Mirror Mounts, in a variety of types and characteristics. Which deliver exceptionally high laser beam stability and precision.
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Explore our laser modules for undergraduate laboratory physics experiments. Learn about the physics of light scattering, polarisation, chiral chemistry, and fluorescence.
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Lasers for Undergraduate Labs

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Physics experiments in undergraduate labs


Lasers are needed in physics experiments in undergraduate labs to help students with their physics studies.  The HEXA-BEAM Laser is a versatile laser designed to switch between up to six wavelengths without changing the experiment set up.  This laser will be a useful tool for every undergraduate physics lab. 

The HEXA-BEAM Laser offers the standard wavelengths of 405, 520 and 650 nm.  Additional optional visible wavelengths are also available.  Please see more details about the HEXA-BEAM laser wavelengths.


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