From optical mirror mounts, electro-optic modulators, laser beam stabilisation locking and frequency generators to other optics and opto-mechanical equipment for your laser research complemented by a range of spectroscopic cells.
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Our Optical Mirror Mounts come in a variety of types and characteristics to deliver exceptionally high laser beam stability and precision.
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Laser modules for the undergraduate laboratory physics experiments. Learn about the physics of light scattering, polarisation, chiral chemistry and fluorescence.
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Lasers for Undergraduate Labs

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Laser Stabilisation

Versatile Freq Generator VFG 150


Active vs Passive laser stability

It is a daily task to ensure the laser beam points exactly to where it should be in your physics lab.  Active vs Passive laser stability is a key question that occupies researchers all the time.

Smart electronics is the answer!  We can stabilise your laser with specialised equipment which will ensure a controlled laser beam through a continuous feedback loop.

Dr Thomas Kinder explains how in the video below:

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