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From optical mirror mounts, electro-optic modulators, and frequency generators to opto-mechanical equipment for your physics experiments, and a range of reference spectroscopic cells.
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The HEXA-BEAM Laser means physics experiments can be conducted at six different wavelengths. Saving you time as there is no need to re-align the laser apparatus.
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Hexa-beam lasers for classroom experiments


Lasers for Undergraduate Labs

Opto Mechanics

Electro-Optic Modulation

Reference Spectroscopic Cells

Laser Stabilisation


Diode laser frequency stabilisation

Stabilisation of the frequency of a diode laser with an external resonator to an atomic absorption line In this illustrative application, we explore the process of stabilising the frequency of a tunable diode laser using an external resonator, specifically designed to interact with an atomic absorption line. In this application, the frequency of a tunable laser is stabilised with the help of a reference cell. Suitable lasers can include tunable diode lasers, Ti:Sa or dye lasers. The aim is to set the laser frequency to a value at which the sample has maximum absorption (or minimum absorption).   This application…

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