Electro-Optic Modulator Electro-Optic Modulator (EOM)

The Electro-Optic Modulator is a phase modulator for a variety of modulation frequencies between 3 and 25 MHz.  The 6.25MHz and the 12.5MHz frequencies are specifically designed for use with the TOPTICA Photonics Digilock Module. The Electro-Optic Modulator can be mounted in a standard 1-inch mirror mount.

The laser wavelength range can also vary between 400-700nm,  650-1000nm, and 1000-1500nm.

The various available products are listed in the following table:

The standard characteristics are described in the Factfile tab of the table below.

The variable characteristics are listed in the Options tab.

Due to the numerous product options, please contact us for a quotation for the specific product you require.

EOM Application Note

Price on Application


Standard Characteristics:

Aperture Diameter3mm
Crystal MaterialLithium Niobate
Crystal FlatnessLambda/10
SWR at resonance<1.12:1
Diameter25.4mm (1") 


Variable Characteristics (relating to all laser wavelength ranges):

Modulation Frequency (MHz)100% Sideband to carrier intensity ratio20% Sideband to carrier intensity ratioModulation Bandwidth
39 Volts at 633nm typ.150KHz (-3dB) typ.
511 Volts at 633nm typ.300KHz (-3dB) typ.
6.2510 Volts at 633nm typ.300KHz (-3dB) typ.
1010 Volts at 633nm typ.350KHz (-3dB) typ.
12.512 Volts at 633nm typ.500KHz (-3dB) typ.
2022 Volts at 633nm typ.800KHz (-3dB) typ.
2517 Volts at 633nm typ.1.2MHz (-3dB) typ.


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