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Physics Experiments in Undergraduate Labs

18 May 2022

Are you running physics experiments in your undergraduate lab that require changing between different wavelengths?

Wouldn’t it be great to switch between these various wavelengths without the need to re-align the laser set-up?


Introducing the HEXA-BEAM Laser

The ideal laser for undergraduate experiments and classroom learning.

Undergraduate students conduct physics experiments as part of their learning. These experiments support students in progressing and developing their knowledge and understanding. Experiments are carried out in laboratories and will normally require lasers and other relevant physics equipment.

The use of lasers within learning environments is important to help students with their physics studies. This equipment is vital for students to learn first-hand, in a safe and suitable educational environment.

Photonics Technologies understands that conducting physics experiments can take time. So, we have developed a multi-wavelength laser, the HEXA-BEAM.

This wavelength-switching laser is versatile and designed to switch between up to 6 different wavelengths. All without changing the experiment setup, saving time and increasing control over the experiment. We’re confident that this laser will prove useful in every undergraduate University physics lab, up and down the UK.


hexa beam



The HEXA-BEAM Laser has the ability to switch between different wavelengths by simply turning a knob. With one simple laser source, you can select your laser colour at the turn of a knob!

The HEXA-BEAM Laser offers the standard wavelengths of 405, 520, and 650 nm. Additional optional visible wavelengths are also available.  Please see more details about the HEXA-BEAM laser wavelengths.


The HEXA-BEAM laser can change the laser wavelengths by rotating one single knob.


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