Laser Position Stabilisation Aligna

Laser Beam Alignment

Aligna is a complete solution for laser position or beam-pointing stabilisation or guidance.

This product has control electronics, a combined angle, a position detector, and two active mirrors, all forming a feedback loop. This suppresses thermal drifts, as well as fast fluctuations. The Aligna adjusts the beam alignment to submicron accuracy.

The Aligna laser beam stabiliser system offers various algorithms and functionalities. These include:

  • Scanning a laser beam’s angle
  • Scanning a laser beam’s position
  • Optimisation of the laser beam pointing
  • Parallelisation of the laser beam, with respect to moving axes
  • Self-learning parameter settings
  • A modular system, with control of up to four laser beams
  • All common wavelengths
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  • High-precision material processing
  • Compensation for drifts and air fluctuations
  • Compensation of disturbance by moved optical components (Delay Lines, Tuning Elements, Zoom Optics)
  • Switching of one laser between several applications
  • Multi-dim scans for characterization of optical setups
  • Automatic coupling/optimisation to single-mode fibers or to High Harmonic Generation Capillaries
  • Complete auto-alignment after laser replacement
  • Laser/experiment at different optical tables or rooms
  • Trepanning Optics: Compensation of laser drifts



  • CW and pulsed lasers: rep rate 0.1 Hz…200 MHz / cw
  • Modular system, up to 4 beams controlled by one device
  • Servo loop accuracy: < 1µm, < 1µrad (down to 10 … 100nm)*
  • Very large scan range: > 18° **
  • All wavelengths (with standard detectors: 380 … 1100nm, with special detectors 180 nm … 10µm, even THz),  any beam diameter
  • High speed: up to 5 kHz servo bandwidth***
  • Several combinations of motorized and piezo-driven actuators
  • Fully computer-controlled (USB, serial, Ethernet)
  • Connection of external measurement devices (power meters, PDs, …)

* with ‘Onelnch’ piezo actuators
** with motorized mirror mounts ‘Aligna 40’
*** with ‘Onelnch’ piezo actors, small mirrors


Principle of Operation

Laser beams can move in space for many reasons:



Estimated delivery is between 2-4 weeks

The Aligna Automated Laser Beam Alignment and Stabilisation system can be delivered as a plug & play kit, fully configured and mounted on an acrylic glass plate. This allows you to begin using the system right away. Plus, you’ll be able to get to know it before integrating the components into their final application.

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