Laser Position Stabilisation Aligna

Automated Laser Beam Alignment and Stabilisation system

  • Fully automated high precision beam alignment
  • Self learning parameter setting
  • Modular system, control of up to 4 beams, all wavelengths
  • 2D and 4D scanning (position X,Y, angle X,Y)
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  • High precision material processing
  • Compensation of drifts and air fluctuations
  • Compensation of disturbance by moved optical components (Delay Lines, Tuning Elements, Zoom Optics)
  • Switching of one laser between several applications
  • Multi-dim scans for characterization of optical setups
  • Automatic coupling / optimization to single-mode fibers or to High Harmonic Generation Capillaries
  • Complete auto-alignment after laser replacement
  • Laser / experiment at different optical tables or rooms
  • Trepanning Optics: Compensation of laser drifts


  • CW and pulsed lasers: rep rate 0.1 Hz…200 MHz / cw
  • Modular system, up to 4 beams controlled by one device
  • Servo loop accuracy: < 1µm, < 1µrad (down to 10 … 100nm)*
  • Very large scan range: > 18° **
  • All wavelengths (with standard detectors: 380 … 1100nm, with special detectors 180 nm … 10µm, even THz),  any beam diameter
  • High speed: up to 5 kHz servo bandwidth***
  • Several combinations of motorized and piezo-driven actuators
  • Fully computer controlled (USB, serial, Ethernet)
  • Connection of external measurement devices (power meters, PDs, …)

* with ‘Onelnch’ piezo actuators
** with motorized mirror mounts ‘Aligna 40’
*** with ‘Onelnch’ piezo actors, small mirrors


Principle of Operation

Laser beams can move in space for many reasons:


Two to four weeks.

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