Laser Frequency Stabilisation LaseLock

LaseLock is a universal and compact digital laser stabilisation electronics (lock-box) that allows to stabilize the frequency of tunable lasers (like e.g. diode lasers, Ti:Sapphire or dye lasers).

By using LaseLock, laser drift can be almost completely eliminated and very narrow line widths can be generated with extreme stability. LaseLock measures and detects frequency changes of the laser and provides corresponding feedback signals so that these changes can be corrected and stabilized.

The LaseLock conveniently combines the following sections in a compact and user-friendly box:

  • Input section
  • Lock-in-amplifier section
  • Scan generator section
  • Output section
  • PID regulator section
Application Example

Stabilisation of the frequency of an external cavity diode laser to an atomic absorption line

Please see our separate section for more details.

Price on Application


  • Compact, autonomous lock-in electronics for diode lasers, dye lasers, Ti:Sa lasers or optical resonators
  • Built-in dither generator
  • Side-of-fringe and top-of-fringe stabilization
  • at least 2 independent PID controllers
  • Lock-in point validity detection and automatic “search” function
  • Built-in oscilloscope functionality
  • User interface with touch screen and color signal display



Up to 8 additional input channels (200 kS/s)

Up to 16 additional output channels (200 kS/s)

Drivers (optional):

HV AMP:             High voltage amplifier for piezo actuators
HC AMP:             High-current amplifier for galvo scanners
DLD:                   TEC/ current drivers for diode lasers



Two to four weeks delivery.

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