Laser Position Stabilisation FiberLock

Automatic single-mode fiber coupling

  • Single-mode fiber coupling set up within seconds
  • Automatic multi-dimensional tracking
  • Compensation of thermal and mechanical drifts
  • Easy optimisation of coupling optics
  • 3D visualisation of the coupling efficiency and intensity logging

With the FiberLock, the laser beam is scanned two-dimensionally by special piezo actuators with up to kHz frequencies and by up to several hundreds of micrometers.  The light transmitted through the fiber is detected by a photo detector and is then displayed in real-time as a 3D-view on a computer.   Thus the coupling can be monitored and optimised, e.g. by shifting or tilting of the focusing optics.  This 3D displayed coupling profile can be viewed from any direction.

Price on Application


  • Control electronics: 170 x 130 x 35 mm, for mounting on optical tables
  • BenderScanner piezo actuator: 40 x 40 x 20 mm (fits 1″ mirror mounts), mirror size: 10x15mm
Interfaces: USB
  • Protocol: clear text ASCII commands, internal script language
  • Including visualization and measurement software
  • Incl. user-spec. adaptations, LabView VIs on request
FiberLock Control Unit:
  • μC: AVR32 controller
  • Electrical supply: 9 – 18V DC power Adapter, 1.5A
  • Power consumption: < 30W (10W typ.)
  • Number of input channels: 1 (with voltage or current pre-amplifier)
  • Number of piezo driver outputs: 2 (+/- 30V or 0 – 200V)


Control Electronics:

FiberLock electronics: contains all necessary electronic components in a compact package:

  • an input amplifier with adjustable gain allows to stabilize on a wide range of signals (0-10V or transimpedance input).
  • a fast piezo amplifier is integrated (+/- 30V for the standard actuator, other voltages, e.g. 0-150V, on request).
  • a 32-bit microcontroller handles the signal processing, including a scan generator, two lock-in regulators, data processing for the 3D display and USB communication.



Two to four weeks.

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