Gimbal Optical Mirror Mounts

ANTARES – Gimbal Mirror Mount for large optics to specific customer requirements.

Gimbal Mirror Mounts 

When precision and control are of the utmost importance, Gimbal Mirror Mounts are a stand-out ingenious tool. Enabling the manipulation of light with the highest level of accuracy. Gimbal mirror mounts are versatile devices, and very essential, especially in photonics. 

What are Gimbal Mirror Mounts? 

Gimbal mirror mounts are mechanical assemblies, designed to support and precisely orient mirrors and other optical components. What sets them apart is they have a two-axis rotation mechanism, allowing for independent adjustment of pitch and yaw angles. The flexibility of these optical mounts means users can finely tune the direction of reflected light with the highest level of precision. Gimbal mirror mounts are indispensable in optical setups and physics experiments.

  • – Gimbal design
  • – For large optics according to customer demand (e.g. 500mm x 700mm)
  • – Adjustment by 170 TPI fine thread screws (standard)
  • – Available with a piezo drive
  • – Suitable for high vacuum applications

Typical application: Beam steering in compressor chambers of ultrahigh power laser systems



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