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Lasers have been a part of scientific research for many years and with the forever growing field new, more advanced lasers are being developed to help scientists with their research projects.

To prepare students for their studies and future research work, many universities and colleges equip their physics undergraduate labs with suitable apparatus to conduct physics experiments as part of the course curriculum.  However, advanced lasers are expensive, require special settings and can be quite hazardous to use in the students labs.

To address this issue, the Hexa-Beam Laser has been developed to assist lecturers, lab technicians and students with the quick and efficient set up for the physics experiments included in the physics courses curriculum.  Experiments can be conducted at six different wavelengths without the need to reset or re-align the laser apparatus.  This saves time and allows for a large number of experiments to take place with a single light source.

Health & Safety

The Hexa-Beam Laser complies with the Health & Safety regulations at universities and colleges with emission powers of standard wavelengths under 1 mW, meeting Class 2 specifications thus minimising potential health hazards, making the HEXA-BEAM Laser suitable for undergraduate labs, schools and colleges.


  • The HEXA-BEAM Laser is compatible with the standard 30 mm cage systems allowing experiments to be built directly in front of the device
  • The HEXA-BEAM Laser can be placed on optical tables, mounted on posts, clamped onto the table or used free standing

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