Automatic single-mode fiber coupling

  • Single-mode fiber coupling set up within seconds
  • Automatic multi-dimensional tracking
  • Compensation of thermal and mechanical drifts
  • Easy optimisation of coupling optics
  • 3D visualisation of the coupling efficiency and intensity logging




Price on Application

Fact File

-control electronics: 170 x 130 x 35 mm, for mounting on optical tables
-BenderScanner piezo actuator: 40 x 40 x 20 mm (fits 1" mirror mounts), mirror size: 10x15mm
Interfaces: USB
-protocol: clear text ASCII commands, internal script language
-including visualization and measurement software
-incl. user-spec. adaptations, LabView VIs on request
FiberLock Control Unit:
-╬╝C: AVR32 controller
-electrical supply: 9 - 18V DC power Adapter, 1.5A
-power consumption: < 30W (10W typ.)
-number of input channels: 1 (with voltage or current pre-amplifier)
-number of piezo driver outputs: 2 (+/- 30V or 0 - 200V)