Laser Power Stabilisation Laser Power Controller (LPC)

The Laser Power Controller (LPC) offers automated regulation and long term beam power stability better than .025% rms.

It uses a high-speed liquid crystal element together with a thermally-controlled monitor photodiode to regulate the beam intensity at a user-selected level.  The LPC operates by modulating the laser beam, with no connections to the laser itself.

  • Easy to align with its compact size and large aperture
  • Its liquid crystal modulator allows use with IR lasers, and offers high power handling
  • A modulation input permits analog selection of the desired output power, while a reference output provides a signal proportional to the monitor photodiode reading

The LPC works with virtually any CW or mode-locked laser. The LPC can be controlled via front panel controls, a USB interface, or an analog input jack. A single system can attenuate, stabilize and display laser power. Options are available to accept external feedback from your own photodiode or any device of your choosing.

  • Achieve precise powers for single molecule experiments
  • Adjustment of laser power without changing lamp currents
  • Remove baseline noise and 1/f noise from spectra
  • Control beam power with Ti:Sapphire lasers
  • Metrology
  • Microscopy
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Wavelength Range425 – 1700 nm
Clear Aperture 4.0 mm
Transmittance 85%
Long Term Stability 0.025%
Noise Attenuation200:1 at 1 Hz (typical)
Servo Bandwidthup to 5 kHz
Power Display Accuracy5% (typical)
Minimum Input Laser Power0.5 mW
Operating Temperature+15°C to +35°C
Storage Temperature+10°C to +45°C




Standard Models
LPC-VIS2for lasers to 4 W, 425-780 nm
LPC-NIR2for lasers to 4 W, 700-1100 nm
LPC-IR2for lasers to 1 W, 950-1700 nm
LPC-VTN2for lasers 450-900 nm
Options and Accessories
RD-40-VIS/NIRRemote detector for VIS / NIR
RD-40-IRRemote detector for IR
RD-40-UVRemote detector for use with doubled or tripled beams
LPC-IPInput polarizer (for unpolarized lasers)
LPC-EXT-CBLExtended cable set (up to 6m)
LPC-VIOVoltage input option; for use with
external detectors or preamps


LPC Block Diagramme


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