E/O Phase Modulator (EOM)

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EOM Application note

The first Electro-Optic Modulator manufactured by Photonics Technologies was manufactured for 10 MHz frequency. Now we offer a selection of other frequencies in our standard range for instance the 6.25MHz and the 12.5MHz are specifically designed for use with the Toptica Digilock Module. We would be pleased to hear from you if you need an alternative frequency or specification.

A Photonics Technologies EOM is the perfect solution for use in research when stabilisation of single-frequency laser beam is required. Applications include for generation of side-bands on single-frequency lasers for high resolution locking techniques, such as frequency modulation saturation spectroscopy. In this case the EOM will modulate a probe beam, while leaving the main beam unaffected. A very common application for an EOM is for stabilization of an optical resonator.


To complete your setup we can supply you with a fully functional system.

Electro-Optical Amplifier

In the event of you already having an oscillator but the power may be low ( for example 300mV) you may require signal amplification. Our EOA-01 is a cost effective way to complete your set-up.

Mirror Mount

The EOM can be mounted in a standard 1 inch mirror mount. Consider a Mirror Mount to complete your set-up.