The RuBECi®

RuBECi® Ultracold Matter Cell


The RuBECi® is designed to enable the production of Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) and related forms of ultracold matter.

The RuBECi® greatly streamlines the route to forming ultracold matter dramatically reducing research and development cycle time. Occupying a volume of less than one liter, the RuBECi® reflects a reduction in the size of typical BEC vacuum system by more than a factor of 100. The instrument utilizes an atom chip, which translates into simple interfacing, rapid BEC production with high duty cycle, and low power consumption.

The RuBECi® provides the functionality normally achieved in a very large ultra-high vacuum (UHV) system having a plethora of vacuum pumps, electrical feedthroughs, large electromagnetic coils, and so on. It is a self-contained (and portable) unit that provides two UHV. The entire unit can be held in one hand.

Like many of its bigger cousins, the RuBECi® utilizes two chambers, a lower one to achieve high atom number, and an upper one to maintain an ultra-high vacuum. Currently the user supplies the required external laser beams and magnetic field generating coils.

The RuBECi® is shipped permanently under vacuum and ready to be placed into an appropriate apparatus.