Ultracold Atom Systems


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ColdQuanta’s core competency is in the development and commercialization of innovative, high-performance equipment to facilitate ultracold and cold atom applications technology.
The technology capabilities include ultrahigh vacuum and optomechanical design and fabrication, analog electronics design and assembly, and instrumentation control and data acquisition. ColdQuanta’s expertise also includes atom chip design and unique glass/silicon bonding techniques.


  • ColdQuanta’s miniMOT™ and the new miniMOT SE™ kit allow the educator or researcher to produce a magneto-optical trap for cold atoms without the significant optical expertise normally required to set-up such a system.
  • The RuBECi® : ColdQuanta’s flagship product designed to streamline the production of Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs) and related forms of ultracold matter.
  • Semi-Custom Atom Chips are integral to experiments designed to generate and manipulate BEC and ultracold atoms:  these chips may be designed for specific individual experiments.

ColdQuanta’s cells for BEC, ultracold or cold atom experiments may be tailored to the customer’s specifications. The cells are made of high optical quality glass with a corresponding high degree of surface flatness and very large clear aperture.

Unique to their designs, the cells may be AR coated inside and outside.