The SPL-HGAR Mercury-Argon Calibration Source is designed for Industrial, Research and Development and Educational applications.

It has calibration reference lines ranging from 253.65 nm to 965.78 nm that can be used to calibrate a number of light based sensors. It is used by Photon Control to calibrate its own Spectrometers.




Price on Application

Fact File

Performance Specifications

Spectral Range (nm)                             250 to 1000
Lifetime (MTBF) (hours)                         3,000 (at nominal light output level)
Fiber Connector                                    SMA (FC on request)
Operating Specifications
Operating Temperature Range (ÂșC)         +10 to +40
Electrical Specifications
Power Supply                                       9 VDC, 300 mA
Physical Specifications       
Dimensions (mm)                                  145 x 62 x 23
Weight (g)                                            135