The SPL-2H Halogen Light Source has been specially designed for Industrial, Research & Development and Educational applications.

The SPL-2H Halogen efficiently couples light into an optical fiber by using a combined reflector and lens optical collection system. It includes an integrated cooling fan which allows for a higher light output than other solutions while at the same time extends the life of the bulb.  The light source is easy and safe to work with. This makes it convenient for desktop and laboratory use or in applications where high temperature may be a concern.


  • Dimmer control for fine tuning of output intensity
  • Inline filter holder for customizing of output wavelength




Price on Application

Fact File

Performance Specifications
Spectral Range (nm)                                         350 to 2500
Lifetime (MTBF) (hours)                                     10,000 (at nominal light output level)
Fiber Connector                                                SMA
Color Temperature (K)                                        2800
Light Output Adjustment (%)                              -30 / +40
Operating Specifications
Operating Temperature Range (ÂșC)                     -10 to +60
Electrical Specifications
Power Supply                                                   12 VDC, 650 mA
Physical Specifications       
Dimensions (mm)                                              116 x 40 x 43
Weight (g)                                                         165