Acetylene and Krypton

The Acetylene and Krypton reference spectroscopic cells are available in Pyrex or Quartz and come in range of sizes, styles, and window materials. Please enquire with your specific needs and we will have a spectroscopic cell for you at a reasonable price.

Double-side anti-reflective (AR) coated windows are only available on spectroscopic cells made from quartz, with quartz or fused silica windows.

Pyrex vapour reference cells are not available with wedged windows, but Pyrex windows can be attached at an angle.

The following cells are in stock and available for immediate delivery:

Fill Material     

Part Number




Fused Silica Acetylene Spectroscopy Cell
Fill Material: Acetylene, filled to 20T pressure
Diameter: 9mm (2° wedge)
Windows:  Fused Silica (FRIT to body), 3.2mm thickness,
60/40 scratch/dig quality, λ/4 wave flatness
Window Type: Wedged, 11° angle against body
Length: 50mm internal length



Pyrex Kr Spectroscopy Cell
Fill Material: Krypton,
Diameter: 26 mm
Windows:  Pyrex, 60/40 scratch/dig quality, λ/4 wave flatness
Length: 100 mm internal length

Acetylene Cell

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