Versatile Frequency Generator VFG 150 Versatile Freq Generator VFG 150

The VFG-150 has 4 digital outputs with a resolution of 5 ns and a minimal pulse width of 10 ns. It can be used as a pulse or a pattern generator. Streaming mode sequence transfer provides modulated waveforms at any wavelength. By programming the frequency, phase and amplitude of the VFG-150’s sine waveform and the state of its outputs at any instant of time, a sequence can be defined.

The VFG-150 provides phase-coherent and phase-continuous switching. Phase-continuous mode means that phase information is not preserved when switching between different frequencies. In phase-coherent switching mode, phase information for many frequencies is preserved. In principle, an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) can provide these two modes as well. However, the available memory usually limits the application of an AWG for many applications. The VFG-150 places no memory restrictions on pulses and pulse sequences. The way it handles data and generates a desired waveform allows the user to create a pulse sequence of arbitrary length where each pulse has a desired frequency up to 150 MHz, amplitude, and phase.

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Frequency range1 – 150 MHz
Frequency resolution32 bit, better than 50 mHz resolution
Frequency stabilityInternal referenceBetter than 10-4
External reference inputAccepts 10, 20 , and 25 MHz
Frequency switching modesPhase continuous and phase coherent switching
Frequency switching speedInternal trigger5 ns
External triggerFixed latency of <100 ns from trigger pulse
Maximum sequence lengthUnlimited
Phase resolution16 bit, better than 0.1 mrad
Maximum amplitude-4 dBm
Amplitude resolution16 bit, usable dynamic range is limited to ~8 bit
Amplitdue stability100 ppm/K
Noise levelBetter than -70 dB within 1 kHz band of carrier
Dynamic rangeBetter than 50 dB
InputsTrigger5V CMOS, digital coupler isolated
Reference frequency-16 to +7 dBm at 50Ω, transformer isolated
Computer controlUSB 2.0
Power100 to 240 VAC, 1A max., 20W max.
OutputsSynthesized waveformUp to -4 dBm at 50Ω
Transformer isolated
Auxiliary digital outputs4x 5 V TTL into 50Ω
Each separate digital coupler isolated
Minimum pulse width 10 ns.
Size23 cm x 18 cm x 9.5 cm
Weight1.9 kg


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