Potassium Reference Cell Potassium Reference Cells

The Potassium Reference Spectroscopic cells are available with Pyrex or Quartz windows and with high purity Potassium filling.

Double-side anti-reflective (AR) coated windows are only available on spectroscopic cells made from quartz, with quartz or fused silica windows.  The AR coating centered at 780nm has a wavelength range from 730 to 830 nm with a reflectance of less than 0.5%.

Pyrex vapour reference cells are not available with wedged windows, but Pyrex windows can be attached at an angle.

The Potassium Reference Cells come in range of sizes, styles, and window materials. Please see the Options tab in the table below for more details.

For cells in stock and available for immediate delivery, please click on the Delivery tab in the table below.  If you require a specific cell not listed, please contact us for more information.

Due to the filling material, these cells are classed as Dangerous Goods for carriage by Air.
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Price on Application


Potassium Quartz Spectroscopy Cells
Description / Part NumberSC-K-(19x75-Q)-W+A
Diameter:19mm (2° wedge)
Length:75mm internal length
Windows:Fused Silica (FRIT to body), 3.2mm thickness, 60/40 scratch/dig quality, λ/4 wave flatness
Window Type:Wedged, 11° angle against body
Potassium Pyrex Spectroscopy Cells
Description / Part NumberSC-K41-(26x50-P)
Diameter:26 mm
Length:50mm internal length
Windows:Pyrex, 60/40 scratch/dig quality, λ/4 wave flatness
Window Type:Flat, fused to body


4 weeks or 2 weeks if in stock.

In stock for immediate delivery:

Fused Silica K Spectroscopy Cell  SC-K-(19×75-Q)-W+A

Pyrex K Spectroscopy Cell  SC-K41-(26×50-P)


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