Electro-Optical Modulation

Electro-Optical Phase Modulator

Electro-Optical Amplifier

We manufacture a variety of Electro-Optical Modulation systems for electronically controlled phase and amplitude control of laser light including Electro-Optical Modulators and Electro-Optical Amplifiers.

Our Electro-Optical Modulation systems provide fixed frequency modulation without high voltage drivers.  They are specially designed to integrate into customers’ optical systems by adding our reference spectroscopic cells for laser locking applications to atomic or molecular transitions.  They also are also designed to fit into a standard 1 inch optical mirror mount for easy integration into your optical system.

The Electro-Optical Modulator is the perfect solution for use in research when wavelength stabilisation of single-frequency laser beam is required.

Applications include the generation of side-bands on single-frequency lasers for high resolution locking techniques, such as pound drever hall cavity locking, and frequency modulation saturation spectroscopy.  In this case the Electro-Optical Modulator will modulate a probe beam, while leaving the main beam unmodulated.

A very common application for the Electro-Optical Modulator is for stabilization of an optical resonator.

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