Star Series SR050

The SR050 is a compact small footprint version most useful for 0.5" optics. It's excellent for compact setups in tight spaces, while ensuring remarkable stability.

As with all our mirror mount series there is the option of using the adjuster head or an allen key for fine adjustments of the mirror mount. The mirror mount is available with 2 or 3 adjusters, the 3-adjuster option enabling precise horizontal positioning of the optic. Very precise adjustment of your optical component is possible because of the 170TPI (turns per inch) screw threads.

Star Series SR050


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- 170TPI fine tuning adjusters to give better resolution

- Adjuster head diameter 9mm

- Adjusters include hexagon sockets

- Adjusters M4.5 Brass (standard) and M4.5 Stainless Steel (high stability)

- Mounting holes  for M4 counterbore

- 2 powerful springs designed for optimum stability

- 10mm / 12mm (Standard / High Stability) back plate, 30.5mm length to a side, anodised aluminum in a choice of 9 colours to differentiate light paths

- 8mm front plate black aluminum - lightweight, resistant to creep with good stiffness to weight ratio

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