This Laser Power Controller (LPC) offers automated regulation and control of laser beam power for virtually any CW or mode-locked laser, with wavelengths from 950 nm to 1700 nm. The LPC is a patented intensity control system which uses a high-speed liquid crystal element to modulate the laser beam directly with no connections to the laser head itself. Ideal for applications such as reducing intensity noise on a Ti:Sapphire or pump laser.



Laser Power Controller, LPC-IR2 950nm to 1700nm 1W max.

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Fact File

Wavelength Range  950 - 1100 nm
Clear Aperture  4.0 mm
Transmittance  85%
Long Term Stability  0.025%
Digital Resolution  0.024% of full scale
Noise Attenuation  200:1 at 1 Hz (typ.)
Servo Bandwidth  up to 5 kHz
Power Display Accuracy  5% (typical)
Minimum Input Power  0.5 mW
Operating Temperature  +15°C to +35°C
Storage Temperature  +10°C to +45°C
Power Supply 110/220 VAC@50/60Hz 6W