Laser Frequency Stabilisation

LaseLock is a universal and compact laser stabilisation electronics (lock-box) that allows to stabilize tunable lasers (like e.g. diode lasers, Ti:Sapphire or dye lasers) in their frequency. For this, particularly optical resonators (Fabry-Perot cavities) and atomic absorption or fluorescence lines are serving as references.Vice versa, also optical resonators can be stabilized towards a given laser frequency by means of mechanical actuators (e.g. piezo actuators).

Two different methods can be applied:

  • side-of-fringe stabilization
  • top-of-fringe stabilization (stabilization to maximum (or minimum), 'lock-in'-technique)

The LaseLock conveniently combines the following components in a compact and user-friendly box:

  • Input amplifiers (incl. generation of difference and/or normalisation signal)
  • Sine generator
  • Phase-synchronous detection
  • PID regulator
  • Scan generator
  • Output amplifier

LaseLock Digital

LaseLock Digital - Fully digital stand-alone laser stabilisation electronics

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