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High power beam analysis for industrial laser solutions

Tuesday 30th September 2014

Advances in manufacturing technology and the trends for faster and more accurate procedures opened the door for new metal welding and cutting applications based on high power lasers. Laser welding and cutting technologies are now being used to replace old processes, often with increased productivity and lower overall cost.

Moreover, the demand for greater precision in high-performance applications, especially in the automotive industries, has increased the use of these lasers as a higher quality, more effective technology. Also, since laser welding and cutting are noncontact processes, metal deformation of the component parts is practically eliminated.

Beam Spatial Propagation

The beam profile of an intensity distribution is an important parameter that indicates how a laser beam will behave in an application and will dictate the overall system performance in a specific setup. A laser propagating through space has a different width and spatial intensity distribution along its propagation path. This is continuously changing as a function of its laser cavity, divergence, interaction with optical elements, and electronics driver characteristics. Although existing theory accurately predicts laser propagation in a real world involving engineering specification, it is crucial for researchers, system designers, and laser manufacturers to be able to accurately measure laser beam spatial propagation.

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