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ColdQuanta partnership

Friday 6th February 2015

Photonics Technologies is pleased to announce a new partnership with ColdQuanta, the US leading commercial provider of devices and systems to create cold and ultracold matter.

Photonics Technologies is a distributor of an integrated range of spectroscopic essentials in the areas of modulation and detection, beam control and analysis, beam stabilization, opto-mechanics and mirror mounts, and spectroscopic cells.

Now as the authorized ColdQuanta distributor for the UK and Ireland, Photonics Technologies can offer an extensive range of products at a time when the UK government has announced an investment of £270 million in novel quantum technologies.

Howard Potter, Director of Photonics Technologies, added: ‘’We are very excited to be able to add ColdQuanta’s high quality product range to our cohesive portfolio.  This will enhance our customer proposition as we can offer integrated systems that best match our clients’ specific scientific requirements. ‘’

“A partnership with Photonics Technologies will allow ColdQuanta to penetrate the exciting UK quantum technologies market at a highly propitious time,” stated Rainer Kunz, CEO of ColdQuanta. ”Photonics Technologies personnel already have deep working relationships with many of our prospective customers and, of course, we hope to leverage that”.

ColdQuanta’s product line will be synergistic with many of the products already in Photonics Technologies’ portfolio and extends from atom chips with integrated optics to complete systems to create ultracold matter including the newly released qUCAL, ColdQuanta’s mobile ultracold atom lab.

Ultracold Atom Lab b rochure             ColdQuanta leaflet

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