Experiment with the HEXA-BEAM Laser

2 March 2021

The ease of set up and its use makes the Hexa-Beam Laser a great tool for a number of physics experiments.  We have conducted some experiments and have developed lab scripts that will be provided for use to the lab technicians and their students in the labs together with the Hexa-Beam Laser:

  • Biot’s Optical Rotation Experiment (also known as Biot’s sugar experiment)

Send the laser beam through a sugar solution and watch the experiment develop in front of your eyes.  In this simple experiment, one can learn about the physics of light scattering, polarization, chiral chemistry and fluorescence.  This experiment has been demonstrated by Durham University in detail – link to detailed experiment description.

  • Rotation of the Plane of Polarisation

Sugar solution was used to rotate the plane of polarisation of linearly polarised light dependent on the wavelength.

  • The Faraday Effecthexa-beam diagramatics - Alt text

This experiment describes the rotation of the plane of polarisation of linearly polarised light due to the presence of a magnetic field.  As well as our lab script, this experiment has been conducted with Durham University and their description can be seen here.