EOM Application note


This modulator is designed with a resonant frequency of 10 MHz for low-voltage modulation at this frequency. It's the perfect solution for researchers wishing to stabilise single-frequency lasers by modulating a probe beam in a Frequency Modulation spectroscopy (FM Spectroscopy) set-up, while leaving the main beam unaffected. The EOM can be mounted in a standard 1 inch mirror mount. 

For ease of purchase we can supply a suitable oscillator, the TTi TG120, for its low cost, functionality and reliability in order to have a fully functional system delivered to your bench.



Electro-Optic Phase Modulator, EOM-01-10-IR 10MHz 1000nm - 1500nm

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Fact File

Resonant Frequency10MHz
Aperture Diameter3mm
Crystal MaterialLithium Niobate
Crystal FlatnessLambda/10
AR Coated400nm to 700nm
20% Sideband to carrier intensity ratio6 Volts at 633nm typ.
100% Sideband to carrier intensity ratio10 Volts at 633nm typ.
SWR at resonance<1.12:1
Modulation Bandwidth350KHz (-3dB)
Diameter25.4mm (1")