Beam Position and Power

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We offer a wide variety of computerized position measurement systems. This is the SpotOn family of cost-effective and versatile solutions to numerous industrial and laboratory applications:

  • Measure laser power and centration or displacement Align beams and QC of optical systems
  • Measure target rotation and displacement
  • Monitor vibration, deflection and motion

The advantages: A simple, fast and cost effective means to control laser beams in real time.

Optical beam position measurements can be done by a variety of sensor heads, offered over a broad wavelength range, from the deep UV through the near IR, including:

  • CCD's or
  • Miniature and Large Area PSD's

Each sensor head can be equipped with an appropriate optical filter to improve its performance.

The accompanying electronics allows interfacing to a computer via a variety of plug-in cards, like: PCI, USB2.0 bus.

For harsh industrial environment we offer a complete stand alone system. The standard SpotOn program user interface includes a numerical and graphical presentation of position and Power, long term fluctuation (Strip Chart type), and a communication protocole via RS232. Several types of detectors are used for sensing the position of a beam's centorid incident on the detector's surface:

  • CCD type of detector
  • 4-Quadrant detector
  • Dual axis Lateral Effect detector


Please contact us for more information regarding Beam Positioning and our SpotOn family of products.


Beam Profiler-SpotOn USB
SpotOn USB - Optical beam position and power measurement system
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