Beam Alignment

Electronic Autocollimator datasheet

The optical beam alignment product line provides solutions applications such as: alignment of laser cavities, straightness, machine alignment, wide-bed printers and others.

The AlignMeter system simultaneously measures laser beam centration (in µm) and angular deviations (in µRad). It is a powerful compact device perfect for alignment monitoring, for testing the drift, centration and beam alignment relative to the outer housing or tube.

The AngleMeter Wide Aperture measures angular laser deviations (in µRad), by monitoring the beam angle in two orthogonal directions. Equipped with a large input aperture lens and a high-accuracy detection capability, the system measures minute deviations in a relatively large field of view.

The Electronic Autocollimator is the ideal instrument for optical measurements of minute optical surfaces deviations. It provides a 3-in-1 instrument: electronic autocollimator, focusing telescope and infinite conjugate collimator. This instrumentation family offers full solutions for applications such as alignment of laser cavities, straightness, machine alignment, wide bed printers, and others.

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Electronic Autocollimator

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