Beam Analysis


Beam profilers and position measurement systems

Read our special articles on high power beam analysis and laser beam profiling and measurement.

Watch the new “High power beam analysis”  video, showing that with this technique we are able to offer today beam analysis of up to 1.5kW CW output power. More development work is currently done on a 10kW CW version for Marking, Welding and cutting applications


Achieving precise control of your laser beam for your experiment requires knowledge of the laser beams characteristics. Parameters such as wavelength, beam profile, position, power, and longitudinal mode structure can have a big effect on your application.

Whether you need to analyse your beam properties to optimise an experiment or to control quality in a laser production environment, Photonics Technologies have a comprehensive range of equipment to help you achieve your goals.

We offer three main product lines, covering your laser measurement needs:

1 Beam profilers capable of direct laser beam measuring from less than 0.5µm and up to 15mm. Indirect measurement of laser beams or solar images up to a few meters in dimension. An M² measurement system and divergence meter are also offered.

2 The beam positioning product line enables the measurement of optical beam position with SpotOn Family.

3 The beam alignment product line enables:

  • Alignment of optical beam angle with respect to a mechanical datum with Anglemeter.
  • Simultaneous measurement of both position and angle with Alignmeter.
  • The Electronic Autocollimator is the ideal instrument for optical measurements of minute optical surfaces deviations.
  • LaserOn, the alignment laser completes the positioning and alignment line.