Iodine AR-Coated Quartz Cell 100mm

High quality spectroscopic reference cell, with AR-coated Quartz windows and high purity Iodine filling. The anti-reflection coating centered at 532nm has a wavelength range from 500nm to 600nm with a reflectance of less than 0.5%.

Cells are available in a range of sizes, styles, and window materials. Please enquire with your specific needs and we will have a cell for you at a reasonable price.


Iodine AR-Coated Quartz Cell 100mm


Iodine AR-Coated Quartz Cell 100mm, Precision Wavelength Reference Cells

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Fact File

Stem Height:<10mm
Window Aperture:20mm
Window Material:UV Fused Silica
Window Thickness3mm
Window Angle:
Window Type:AR-Coated 500nm to 600nm
Window Flatness:λ/10
Window Quality:40-20 Scratch & Dig
Optical Path Length:75mm